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What type of hardware are you looking for?

Norfolk based designer, Lucy Williams incorporates neutral patterns with colorful details in her interiors. Known for her interior design and artwork, Lucy continues to inspire us with her creativity. View it here and read the highlights below.

Images Courtesy : Instagram

When did you know you wanted to be a designer?

Ever since I was a kid I was rearranging my room and art class was my favorite in school.

I was begging my parents to rearrange my room. One year for Christmas, your dad gave me a dollhouse and I loved it. My mom helped me assemble it and I loved choosing the paint colors, wallpaper, and rearranging the furniture.

Do you have tips for picking out hardware in a coastal town?

I often look through your website to get some inspiration.

It really depends on the project but I love how you offer multiple different finishes.

"The day of a presentation I always wear the same colors I am trying to sell.”

Tell us about your painting career!

I had not painted for over 10 years and started again when we bought our house in Norfolk. I wanted to fill up this massive white wall so I bought some canvases and started painting.

One of my clients saw these paintings and asked me to paint a piece for her living room. After I painted that piece, I received more requests and started painting full time on the weekends!

Do you have any signature design tricks?

Yes! In bookcases, I always color code the book bindings and group the pictures frames by finish.

I can't stand clutter and this makes the bookcases look more organized.


Images Courtesy : HGTV Bargain Mansions

What trends in interior design are you seeing these days?

I am noticing that people are a lot more casual these days. They want furnishings they can use and hold up well. I use a lot of basics for upholstery and throw in fun colors for pillows.People really like fresh usable looks in the South.

I am noticing that people are a lot more casual these days. They want furnishings they can use and hold up well.

- Designer and Artist, Lucy Williams

Images Courtesy : Instagram

You have an eye for a good front door, tell us about that!

Having grown up in Richmond, there are so many beautiful houses. People there really have a flair for picking good door colors. It was always an inspiration for me. The front door should always be the focal point of the house. There are so many good colors out there.My favorite paints are Benjamin Moore or Farrow and Ball.
My favorite white is Benjamin Moore White Dove.

Images Courtesy : Instagram

When choosing hardware for a project, what is typically your metal of choice?

I have typically been a brass person, but I am designing a house at the beach and the homeowner loves Nickel. So I am actually really getting into nickel! But really I love all of it!



Images Courtesy : Instagram

About Lucy Williams

Born and raised in Richmond, VA, Lucy earned a Bachelor of Science in Art Education from the University of Georgia and continued her studies at the Lorenzo De’Medici Art Institute of Florence, Italy. After living in Italy, she returned to the United States to work for Sotheby’s in New York. She continued her work in interior design in Charleston, SC, and with Lee Jofa and Kravet at the Denver Design Center.

In 2003, Lucy and her family moved to Norfolk, VA. Her design projects have received international exposure on several websites including, ,, and have been featured on popular blogs such as House of Turquoise and My Design Chic. Lucy’s work has also been shown on the DIY and FIY television networks, and she was featured in the Restyle Source Market Style guide for the Summer '17 Las Vegas Furniture Market. In addition to Interior Design, Lucy has a passion for painting. She loves using art as the color inspiration for her design projects and her own home is a reflection of how she uses her paintings to enhance the color scheme of a room. Lucy has sold hundreds of paintings throughout North America and the United Kingdom.

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