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who we are

About Modern Matter

“Can you make these earrings into hardware?”

This was the question that first prompted us to grow our jewelry atelier into the premium home fashion brand it is today. We collaborate with innovative designers to create custom luxury hardware. We apply the same artisanal approach and jeweler’s eye for detail that have served us since our beginnings.

We believe that small moments can completely change an interior. Whether inspired by art, architecture, or the natural landscape, we seek out design solutions that are a marriage of sophistication and functionality. A blend of classic lines and elegant materials, our collections can lend a delicate glamor to any room.

Handcrafted from brass and accented with semi-precious and natural gemstones, our bold and decorative products are redefining hardware.

Our vision Image Courtesy: Instagram
Why modern matter

Our vision

To become a top choice for design lovers seeking to reimagine and celebrate the everyday by transforming the spaces in which we live.

Our mission
Our mission Image Courtesy: Instagram
Why modern matter

Our mission

To work with leading designers to create and distribute unique, inspired products.

How we do

Our values

  • Quality

    We strive to use the highest quality materials to create each of our handcrafted pieces. We take the same level of care and attention into every interaction and experience.

  • Family

    Family and friendship have been the foundations of all our endeavours. We believe that the well-being and success of our teams, collaborators, and communities are directly linked to our success as a company.

  • Customer First

    Our business is also one of communication. We believe the best products are the result of open dialogue. We value and adapt to the input of our collaborators, trade partners, and customers.

  • Passion

    Passion is what got us started and what continues to sustain us. We are dedicated to our craft and to bringing the visions of our collaborators to life.

Our philosophy

How do people use hardware?

Beyond the aesthetic design, how can hardware interact with and complement furniture as well as the surrounding space? Our exclusive designs are a paradox of the delicate oversized and the weighty chic. Bold, beautiful statements.

Whether our inspiration draws from natural elements, antiques, architecture, or historical art, we seek design solutions that are transformative to redefine hardware.

How do people use hardware?How do people use hardware?
Three collaborators

We collaborate with

Modern Matter is a premium home fashion brand. We partner with leading interior designers to bring exclusive products and solutions to underserved product categories. Signature custom hardware is our first launch and current focus.

  • Barrie Benson Barrie Benson

    Barrie Benson

    Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Barrie Benson is an interior designer who has an uncanny ability to incorporate different periods and styles. Her work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, and Southern Living.

  • Michelle Nussbaumer Michelle Nussbaumer

    Michelle Nussbaumer

    Based in Dallas, Texas, Michelle Nussbaumer is an interior designer who takes inspiration from her extensive travels. She has been featured most notably in Architectural Digest at 100 and is the author of Wanderlust: Interiors That Bring the World Home.

  • Eddie Ross Eddie Ross

    Eddie Ross

    Based in Pennsylvania, Eddie Ross is a designer who has been an editor for a number of publications, including Martha Stewart Living and House Beautiful. He takes inspiration from secondhand finds to create interiors that are a balance of classic, modern, and functional.

Finishes & gemstones

Our hardware

We are the only hardware company in North America to offer product customization that combines eight finish options with ten gemstone options to create a truly unique product. All finishes are hand-applied over solid brass.

Semi - precious & natural gemstones Semi - precious & natural gemstones

Semi - precious & natural gemstones

hardware Finishes we offer hardware Finishes we offer

hardware Finishes we offer

Who we are

Our team & dog squad

  • Katherine Mulford

    Katherine Mulford Chief Creative Officer

    Kat is a serial entrepreneur and leads marketing and product development at Modern Matter. A graduate of Davidson College and Atlanta Portfolio School, Kat lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her family and pets — two dogs (Kobe and Cowboy) and a cat (Mary Kate, an Instagram hit).

  • Lee Addison Lesley

    Lee Addison Lesley COO

    Lee is a serial entrepreneur and leads operations and development at Modern Matter. She is a graduate of Mary Baldwin University and got her design specialization from Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici in Florence, Italy. Lee lives with her family and her dog, Rebel, in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

  • Liz Doerr

    Liz Doerr CFO

    Liz leads corporate finance and accounting at Modern Matter. Previously, Liz worked for the venture firm NRV, where she managed the company’s angel portfolio and Series A fund. She has an undergraduate degree in economics and an MBA from The College of William & Mary. She lives in Richmond, Virginia with her family and her Corgi, Lady David Bowie.

  • Ana Ramos

    Ana Ramos Senior Operations Manager

    Ana manages our operations and works with leading designers and architects on their various project needs. Ana grew up in Spain and the US. She has an undergraduate degree from The Pennsylvania State University. Ana hasn’t given into the peer pressure to get a dog yet.

  • Halle Wilson

    Halle Wilson Product Development

    Halle is part of our product development team working to create new collections. She attended Savannah College of Art and Design and graduated with a degree in Industrial Design. Originally from Connecticut, Halle currently lives in Norfolk, Virginia with her very lazy cat, Jelly. 

  • Ben Bucklew

    Ben Bucklew Warehouse Manager

    Ben manages all the comings and goings from our busy warehouse. He overseas the customization of our gemstones hardware, makes sure orders arrive on time, double checks inventory, all while cranking great tunes in the warehouse. Ben attended East Carolina University. He builds his own guitars, wishes Oasis would get back together and is recording an album with his band, The Leisure Committee.