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This Vibrant Studio Apartment Takes Color to the Max at House Beautiful’s Whole Home Showhouse

Designed by Colordrunk Designs

She started showering the space with affection by framing the three sets of French doors overlooking the gardens and pool in boldly patterned draperies. Their overscaled, pigment-rich floral design with hits of coral, grassy greens, and tropical blues set the multihued palette for the apartment. From there, Gross designated distinct zones in each room, much like you’d find in a larger home, using custom rugs to create room “breaks” and orchid pink metal dividers to separate private and utilitarian spaces. “It’s now a happy place with room for everything—and all their friends,” Gross says.
“I’m a big believer that colors and patterns elevate and energize you.“
- Jenna Gross 

Swanson, Carisha. "This Vibrant Studio Apartment Takes Color to the Max." House Beautiful, November 16, 2023.