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Designer Edith-Anne Duncan focuses on creating a sophisticated but casual approach to today’s lifestyles. Her meticulous attention to detail is the trademark that elevates her creations to a higher level. We caught up with her on Instagram Live and heard all about that famous cover shot we all love so much.

Edith-Anne Duncan
Images Courtesy : @edithanneduncan

Q : Tell us about how you got started in design

I’m from North Carolina and as a small child I have always been interested in architecture and interior design. I had a set of Lincoln Logs, and I would go to my friend’s house and she would pull out this drawer that had little buttons in it. The buttons would control all the lighting of this Lincoln Log house that was literally a replica of her own house. I remember playing with that and just being completely enamored with the space and how it was used - I would play with it for hours. My grandparents and my dad both have the gift of design, so I really think that it’s something that you’re born with, as far as how you grow up and live in these interiors. In high school I wanted to take a drafting course because I really thought I wanted to go into architecture but it’s so math oriented. So I decided to go into design.


Green Dining Room Featuring Benson Backplates & Knobs in Brass
Images Courtesy : @southernhomemag

Q : You were recently featured on the cover of Southern Home magazine. Tell us about that fabulous room you designed!

Being on the cover of Southern Home was a wonderful career moment. I’ve always wanted to be featured in a national magazine.

The house featured is from the 1920, a classic home.I started the design process by selecting the foyer and dining room wallpaper. Those choices dictated them mood of the entire house. They were classic pieces, but I like surprises of things that are more modern throughout the house. So i chose your Benson Hardware- I love it because it's classic in a sense but pushes it a little bit.Your pieces are the jewelry to a lot of my work.

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Benson Backplate in Brass


Stairwell Design by Edith-Anne Duncan
Images Courtesy : @edithanneduncan

Q: Where do you draw inspiration?

First of all I always do a major interview with the client and if I don’t then I will go through their lifestyle, I will look at what they wear and what they’re comfortable in because it tells me a lot about the person and their tastes. Then from there I will use art as an inspiration or a statement fabric or rug.

Q: How do you describe your design aesthetic

Classic, colorful, sophisticated, casual, approachable, inviting, and I don’t want it to look brand new, I want it to look like people have enjoyed the space. One client said that they want their guests to know as soon as they walk through the door that Edith-Anne did their house.

Q: Can you give us any styling tips

I like the tension between structure and natural flow. I always like to do things in threes; I always try to do a tripod set up. It comes in handy to place things up and down, you basically want your eye to go through a triangle.



Kitchen Design Featuring Harrison Knobs in Brass with Lapis
Images Courtesy : @edithanneduncan

Q: How do you select hardware for a project?

I love the basic size of the 5 or 6 inch Backplate. It’s the perfect size for cabinetry. I selected those because of the scale and because of the clean brass. It made the classic space more modern. My favorite hardware of yours is the brass, malachite, lapis, and moonstone.

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Harrison Knob in Brass with Lapis

Living Room Design Featuring Chippendale Backplate in Brass
Images Courtesy : @edithanneduncan

Q: Do you like to mix any metals

I do. Sometimes in a kitchen I will use brass with nickel. Polished nickel is my second favorite.

Edith-Anne paired the Benson backplate with the Benson Knob in Nickel.

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Benson Backplate in Polished Nickel

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