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Home Design & Decor Feature - Modern Matter Cosmos Hardware Collection
Images Courtesy : Home Design & Decor

Written by Anne Marie Ashley

Produced by Ashley Hotham Cox

Known for their brilliant use of brass and semi-precious and natural stones, Lee Addison Lesley and Kat Weeks Mulford, co-founders of jewelry and home hardware company Addison Weeks, have rebranded their stunning interiors arm into Modern Matter. Newest to the line, the Cosmos Collection pays homage to the celestial globe, offering an eclectic selection of hardware, including ball knobs and rings, hooks, and decorative backplates. Each piece is available in beautiful polished brass, polished nickel, and now in burnished brass.

Home Design & Decor Magazine Featuring Modern Matter Cosmos Hardware - Brass Round Knobs and Pulls
Images Courtesy : Home Design & Decor Magazine