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Whether it’s sheets of customized wallpaper, vintage posters, or a framed painting by your favorite artist, statement wall art can make an incredible interior focal point and inspire a whole room’s design. Here is a look at some of our favorite warm and welcoming rooms that incorporate eye-catching artwork and complementing hardware into their classic designs.

Images Courtesy : Instagram

1. Allison Curry Interiors

Jenny Grumbles Koziol’s artwork sets a perfect scene for this idyllic bedroom. The splashes of orange and blue, and detailing in the arch-trimmed, monogrammed bedding are what make this design pop. We also love the look of our antique brass and amazonite knob on the bedside table along with freshly cut tulips and a cheerful blue lamp.

Images Courtesy : Instagram

2. Tamara Day and Growing Days Home

This corner of the Growing Days Home store shows a collection of some beautiful items and we feel lucky to be included! Glenna Adkins and Marjolyn Vanderhart’s paintings paired with white stone countertops and light gray cabinets support a lovely display of all of Tamara Day’s wonderful finds.

This display was a great transition from winter to spring bringing in softer colors and hints of gold!

- Designer Tamara Day

Images Courtesy : Instagram

3. Robert McCown Design in Mobile Bay Magazine Photographed by Elizabeth Gelineau

This bright and inviting dresser décor is just what we want in our bedroom. We love the floral-inspired Kelley Beville Ogburn painting, which is accented by a white orchid, porcelain vase, and antique brass and moonstone knobs.