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Dedicated workspaces are taking on a whole new meaning these days. Need a little inspiration to get your work from home set up improved? We look to some of our favorite design professionals for ideas on creating a space that's functional, inspiring, and stress-reducing.


Light Gray Built-In Bookshelves with Benson Hardware in Brass with Moonstone
Images Courtesy : Instagram

Lauren McKay Interiors

"I've never been so thankful for my home office that has allowed projects to keep moving!" says McKay, who used the Benson gemstone hardware to add a custom look to her built-in bookshelves.

Versatility is key to working from home. "The conference table is now used for laying out presentations to photograph them before dropping off samples on client's doorsteps." says McKay.

Light Blue Desk Drawers with Lane Knobs in Brass and Moonstone
Images Courtesy : Instagram

White Horse Design Firm

whitehorsedesignfirm A home office doesn't always have to have a dedicated room. Maximize space by creating a pretty corner in the room and fill it with an inspiring desk. The drawers help conceal clutter. Gemstone desk hardware used is the Lane knobs in moonstone.


White Desk with Star Brass Backplates and Horne Knobs in Brass and Pink Jade
Images Courtesy : Instagram


Rachel Moriarty Interiors

Rachel Moriarty Interiors created an artful work space for her client with the STAR hardware. Rachel says, "I love how the built in desk in my clients casita turned out! This is a little art studio so we needed a lot of drawer space for supplies. We used lower kitchen cabinet drawers, gorgeous white Macaubas linear quartzite and finished it off with statement hardware! A must have for me! The ergonomic Herman Miller Sayl chair is another one my FAVES."


White Built in Desk with Mccoy and Oliver Hardware in Brass and Labradorite
Images Courtesy : Instagram

Decorative Details

Nikka Michelle from Decorative Details created a crisp and clean home office. The built in desk hides messy desk clutter. The drawers and cabinets use gemstone hardware set in brass. Drawer hardware is the Mccoy in labradorite and the cabinets use the Oliver hardware also in labradorite.


Colorful Home Office with Navy Built-In Cabinets with Malachite Hardware
Images Courtesy : Instagram


Charla Ray Interior Design

Designer Charla Ray created a happy home office with fabulous wallpaper and built in cabinets, complete with a window seat.

"Custom cabinetry made a tremendous visual impact and upped the functionality of this office space 💯 times over." says Charla of the space she designed.


Whimsical Home Office with Floor to Ceiling Bookshelves with Elliptical Knobs in Clear Lucite and Jones Backplates in Brass
Images Courtesy : Instagram


Ariel from PMQ for Two is known for her happy and whimsical interiors, her home office was no exception. The floor to ceiling bookshelves use the Elliptical knobs in clear lucite paired with the small Jones backplate

"Having had a home office with floor to ceiling built-ins, I don’t think I could work with anything else. Y’all have heard me softly muse about the days with a home office, but it’s true! It does make me more productive." says Ariel of the space she designed.


Built-In Bookshelf and Desk with Antique Brass Hardware with Lapis Gemstones
Images Courtesy : Instagram


Liz Kohart Interiors

Liz Kohart designed a custom built in to create space for a home computer used frequently by family members. Antique Brass hardware with lapis gemstones give a custom look to the bookcase.

"A stylish yet functional workspace for this busy young family. I especially love the whimsical wallpaper- adding some depth, interest & fun to the back of the bookcases!!" says Liz.


Plum Bookshelf with Amazonite Hardware in a Luxurious Library
Images Courtesy : Instagram


Designer MA Allen lacquered this luxurious library and created a partners desk with show stopping chairs for working from home. The bookshelves are perfectly styled to provide the perfect amount of inspiration.

"The best bookshelves start with books! The older, the better. Then mix in family heirlooms, collections, treasures from travel...the shelves will tell your story!" says MA

White Desk with a Blue Desktop Featuring Lane Hardware with Labradorite and Diamond Backplates
Images Courtesy : Instagram


Ashley DeLapp

Ashley DeLapp created a chic desk space for a teenager in this cozy bedroom. The blue desktop is accentuated by the Labradorite gemstones she chose for the LANE hardware. She paired the large drawer knob with the DIAMOND backplate for more impact.


White Desk Drawers with Edgewood Bar Pulls in Tortoise with Brass
Images Courtesy : Instagram

Haley Kelly Events

Haley Kelly created a warm place to face the grind when working from home. The natural light that this corner offers, created a homey environment for her client. She installed the tortoise BAR PULLS by Eddie Ross to add a chic detail to the built-in drawers.