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With everyone spending more time at home these days (and maybe a little more time on our hands), many people have turned their attention to their closets. A well-organized closet has become the ultimate luxury. Nowhere is this better seen than in the fabulous walk-in closet designed by Michelle Nussbaumer for the Kip's Bay Showhouse.

Luxurious and Organized Walk-In Closet Designed by Michelle Nussbaumer

Wood Closet Built-In Cabinets Featuring the the Mayan Totem Knob in Brass with Mint
Images Courtesy : The Container Store

Cabinet of Curiosities

Designer Michelle Nussbaumer's designed the "writer's lair" for the Kips Bay Dallas Show House. Her imaginative closet appeals to the world traveler in us all and features a dressing suite full of global treasures. Nussbaumer worked with The Container Store to create these beautiful built-ins. The storage space houses special spots for displaying all her enviable treasures. Michelle made the most of the narrow room space by installing floor-to-ceiling cabinets and a dresser that doubles as a console table.

Mayan Totem Knob in Brass with Mint Colored Acrylic

Chestnut Wood Closet Drawers with Brass Moroccan Bar Pulls

“Every girl wants to look in her closet and make any outfit come to life.”

"It is—it’s a dream accessories closet. Every girl wants to look in her closet and make any outfit come to life. I used The Laren Custom Closet line in Chestnut from The Container Store, Clarence House textiles, and my Modern Matter hardware to customize the space. I wanted a place for handbags, shoes, and jewelry. I designed spaces with The Container Store to include spaces for handbags, drawers compartmentalized for jewelry, and a beautiful mirror you can slide out. And there’s a little area for hanging your stoles, scarves, and belts. Working with The Container Store was a delight."

Dressing Room Mixing Unique Hardware - Knobs, Pulls & Hooks
Images Courtesy : The Container Store

A Modern Mix

A mixture of hardware styles were combined to give this dressing room a custom look. The hardware was all unified by the consistent brass finish. Included in the mix was the Ferguson Knob in Labradorite. The asymmetry of the knob adds interest to the custom closet system.

Dark Wood Cabinets in a Closet with Mayan Totem Knobs with Mint Colored Acrylic

Dark Wood Closet Shelves and Drawers with Brass Pulls
Images Courtesy : The Container Store

Custom Hardware

Other hardware included in this custom closet is the Middleton Hex Knob and the Tomlin Knob. All in solid brass, these pieces of hardware add a luxurious vibe.

Mayan Totem Knob in Polished Brass with Two Colors - Black or Mint

Dark Wood Drawers with Moroccan Bar Pulls