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House Beautiful Magazine announced it's Kitchen of the Year 2019 and it's designed by Dallas designer Michelle Nussbaumer. Influenced by her world travels, Michelle designed her own collection of hardware that is as unique as her interiors are. "l like to incorporate whatever makes me happy in my own kitchen,” says Nussbaumer.

House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year by Michelle Nussbaumer Featuring Modern Matter by Addison Weeks Hardware

Kitchen Design Featuring Mayan Snake Knobs in Brass
Images Courtesy : House Beautiful Magazine

The Speakeasy by Michelle Nussbaumer

“The whole room has a sexy, smoky vibe,” says Nussbaumer. Literally: “You can have a cigar here if you like to smoke.”

Mayan Snake Knob in Brass

The cabinet hardware, inspired by Kukulkan (a Mayan serpent deity), was designed by Michelle Nussbaumer

Kitchen & Wine Cooler Design Featuring Mayan Snake Knobs in Brass

“I like to incorporate whatever makes me happy in my own kitchen.”

Michelle transformative kitchen design has elements of all the places she has traveled. Nussbaumer says the spaces make her "feel like we're young and in a faraway place again."

Pantry Design Featuring Benson Knobs in Brass with Labradorite
Images Courtesy : House Beautiful

The Pantry

Michelle's pantry, of course, is not just any old pantry. She used a pretty pink paint to cover plate rack arches that display an impressive collection of porcelain.

“I like to use my grandmother’s dinner plates mixed with salad plates from Target,” Nussbaumer says. “It makes it all feel so new and fun.” She accented the glass closet doors and cabinets with hardware from her Modern Matter collection and Benson collection knobs.

Benson Knob in Brass with Labradorite
Featured hardware, Benson knob in brass and labradorite.

“There’s an Art Deco vibe throughout the whole house, but I still wanted it to feel like a warehouse.”

- Designer Michelle Nussbaumer

Kitchen Design Featuring Mayan Carved Knobs
Images Courtesy : Instagram

The Art Kitchen

You would never guess that these custom cabinets are actually Ikea cabinets! Michelle used a vinyl print of her own pattern to wrap the cabinets. Paired with her own hardware design, the Mayan Carved Knob in Brass, we think it is all perfection! 

Mayan Carved Knob in Brass

The Mayan Carved Knob from Nussbaumer's own collection.

Kitchen Design Featuring Mayan Carved Knobs