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What happens when a Dallas designer renovates her own bathroom? Of course it is fabulous! Check out the Before and After from Denise McGaha. And to recreate this look in your home check out all of our Lucite Hardware.

Denise McGaha Bathroom Design Featuring Modern Matter Lucite Pulls with Brass
Images Courtesy : Instagram

Denise McGaha on designing her own Master Bath:

"I spent about 3 hours making selections for the entire bath and then never looked back.  I have learned over the years that my original ideas are the ones I end up going back to, so I trust my gut now.  It took years to get there, but I am still so happy with our bath design.

In addition to the beautiful Rohl plumbing, you can see the blush cabinets I designed. The paint is Sherwin-Williams Blushing (SW 6617). I love using Sherwin-Williams in all of our projects and our entire home is painted in SW. The hardware on the cabinets is by Addison-Weeks and I love the long, acrylic rods with polished nickel to match the plumbing finishes."

The question I get the most about our master bath is....."How did you get your husband to agree to pink cabinets”? I just painted the whole picture for him. How the art and rugs and wallpaper would tie it all together. A mix of masculine and feminine/ push and pull / negative and positive are all part of a successful design mix. Matching everything is well....boring. Do I need to remind you about the “builders beige period” with brown everything?? Be bold my friends. You may be locked up in this home of yours again really soon and it needs to spark joy! "

“Be bold my friends. You may be locked up in this home of yours again really soon and it needs to spark joy!”

Bold Bathroom Design with Pink Cabinets with Lucite Bar Pulls

Bathroom Before Photo
Images Courtesy : Instagram

The Before

“I seriously can’t believe I am showing these, but you need to know how soul crushing it can be to live in a less than beautiful space. Looking back at it now, I can’t believe we used this bath for 20 years without changing anything but a paint color over 12 years ago.” says Denise.

"Remodeling a home while living there can be super stressful. Trust me, we lived in our guest room and shared a single bath for 4 months. We got dressed each day in our living room/dining room, which was basically our closet. Nothing like waving to the contractors in your robe each morning. But I wouldn’t trade our new master bath for anything. It was worth the pain!!”

- designer Denise McGaha

Denise McGaha Master Bath Design
Images Courtesy : Instagram

The After

"I hope you can see that our remodel was so much more than just creating a beautiful bath. It was creating space where Scott and I could retreat from the world, relax, rejuvenate and find peace in our hectic lives. We both work long hours and have the stresses of owning two separate businesses. I would have embarked on this remodel years ago had I known the difference it would make in our lives." Says Denise.

Denise McGaha Interior Designer
Images Courtesy : Instagram

About Denise McGaha

Denise McGaha Interiors is a dynamic, client-driven design firm reinventing traditional style for over two decades. A creative force, Denise’s current projects range from a penthouse pied-a-terre to a sprawling family estate and a dreamy, lakeside retreat.

Over the years, Denise’s stunning interiors have caught the attention of prestigious media outlets both nationally and regionally, including Architectural Digest, Traditional Home, House Beautiful, Luxe, and D Home, where she was named one of Dallas’ Best Designers of 2020. Denise was also awarded the prestigious Interior Designer award by the ARTS Awards in 2018. She is regularly tapped by the industry as an influencer, with a robust, devoted social media following. Denise has a growing stable of product collections, with more exciting announcements soon.

To read more about Denise McGaha and her new kitchen, follow her on instagram here.