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We had so much fun chatting with designer Barrie Benson on our Instagram Live event this week! If you didn't catch it, you can still watch it on IGTV on our feed here. Barrie fully entertained us with so many fun design tips and inspiration. Here are some highlights from our conversation.

Barrie Benson Interior Designer
Images Courtesy : Barrie Benson

Barrie Benson Interior Design

BARRIE BENSON is a Charlotte-based interior designer best known for balancing the modern with the traditional in her signature interiors. She transforms residences like her iconic 1950s ranch with traditional pieces to create an interesting blend of periods, rooms, and moods.

The puppy brothers, Merle and Kobe, get their Facetime out of the way first.

Barrie Benson & Katherine Mulford with Their Dogs

“I would say that customizing furniture and homes for lifestyle are my main focus.”

Barrie Benson Modern Design with Traditional Elements

The Dominique De Menil House in Houston
Images Courtesy : Instagram

The Dominique de Menil House

One of Barrie's favorite spaces: The Dominique De Menil house in Houston. The modernist Johnson structure was home for five decades to not only the ever-expanding stash or art the de Menils collected, but also to the couple and their five children.

When you mix old pieces with the modern, you have a look that's fresh and young and one that tells your story.

- Designer Barrie Benson

Barrie designed the much loved fashion destination "Capitol" in Charlotte. Her design was influenced by Jean Michel Frank as evident in the inverse panel used on the walls in the boutique.

Jean Michel Frank Design

Barrie Benson Design in the Fashion Boutique Capitol in Charlotte

Frank Stitt Pimento Cheese Recipe
Images Courtesy : Instagram

Southerners know Pimento Cheese

Growing up in the South, Barrie Benson has an appreciation for good pimento cheese. Here is her favorite recipe by the "godfather of Southern cuisine" Frank Stitt.

Barrie Benson Bedroom Design Featuring Peg Norriss Collection for Schumacher
Images Courtesy : Instagram

Peg Norriss: JACKIE GENDEL Collection for Schumacher

In 2018, Barrie and SOCO gallery owner Chandra Johnson, founded Peg Norriss to help drive their mission to support artists creatively and financially. They produce capsule collections through exclusive artist collaborations for those who appreciate art and design. The collection is offered exclusively through Schumacher.