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Images Courtesy : LUXE Magazine

Co-founders Lee Addison Lesley and Katherine Weeks Mulford first teamed up twenty years ago, after meeting through the graphic design industry in Atlanta

Images Courtesy : LUXE Magazine

Their designer-favored jewelry, which they showed at High Point, inspired a cult following and countless custom requests. But it was at the urging of Charlotte designer Barrie Benson (with whom they'll release their third collaboration, Workhorse, in August) that they ultimately parlayed their love of gemstones – such as the pink jade Charlotte designer Catherine M. Austin first proposed for a client's closet – into high-end hardware. On the heels of two additional designer collaborations (Eddie Ross and Michelle Nussbaumer) the Charlotte based duo recently re-branded the interior fashion arm of their company as Modern Matter in 2021, with aims to ramp up designer partnerships and introduce new product categories soon. New for now: Cosmos – a collection of heavyweight spheres inspired by astral bodies and tinkling brass bells sourced from an antique shop. 

Images Courtesy : LUXE Magazine