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What impact can hardware make on your home? Here are some insightful words from a few of the most influential designers and tastemakers. Be sure to follow us on instagram to see how these designers are using hardware in new and creative ways!

Michelle Nussbaumer Kitchen Design with Mayan Snake Knobs in Brass
Images Courtesy : @michellenussbaumer

Michelle Nussbaumer

“You could wait months for a custom piece, but you don’t have to,” designer Michelle Nussbaumer says. “Modern Matter is creating heirloom-quality hardware, and there just isn’t much of that on the market. Even if you moved out of a house, you’d take these pieces with you—they’re that beautiful.”

“I think all of this is really just jewelry for the home. You can take this really boring piece of cabinetry and put your hardware on it and it turns into something so beautiful.” says Michelle Nussbaumer

To the Left : Designer Michelle Nussbaumer installed her Mayan Snake knobs in the Kitchen of the Year bar for House Beautiful Magazine.

Mayan Snake Knob in Brass


Eddie Ross Kitchen Design with Geometric Knobs in Tortoise & Bamboo Drop Pulls in Brass
Images Courtesy : Eddie Ross

Eddie Ross

“Hardware really is the jewelry for the kitchen, it’s like the engagement ring on a finger.” says Eddie Ross

“It’s not your basic kitchen hardware. People are getting more adventurous with hardware and not worrying about what their neighbors are doing. They are more confident and feeling “if we like it then let’s do it” and that’s what matters.” says Eddie.

To the right - Due to the different size drawers, Eddie Ross incorporated both the Geometric Knobs and the Bamboo Drop Pulls. This gives an inviting look to a remodeled kitchen. 

Geometric Knobs in Tortoise and Brass

Ashley Delapp Kitchen Cabinet Design with Benson Backplates and Horne Knobs in Brass
Images Courtesy : @ashleydelapp

Ashley Delapp

"Anything basic would have been lost." says Charlotte Designer Ashley DeLapp

To the Left : Ashley Delapp installed the Benson Backplates with the Horne knobs to make a cabinet impact.

Benson Square Backplate in Brass


Kristine Flynn Bathroom Vanity Design with Harrison Knob in Brass & Labradorite
Images Courtesy : @flynnedesignnola

Kristine Flynn of Flynn Design Nola

“We usually pick the hardware and design the cabinet around the hardware.” says Flynn

"Beautiful hardware can completely change the look of any cabinet! It is a great way to update a piece without investing a lot of time.” - Kristine Flynn

To the right - Kristine installed the Harrison Knob in brass and labradorite to compliment the custom vanity 

Harrison Knob in Brass & Labradorite