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Images Courtesy : Southern Home Magazine

The Before and After issue of Souther Home Magazine featured the work of Blacksburg-based designer Edith-Anne Duncan. We were thrilled to see her incorporate the Benson hardware in this kelly green study! What a happy space and beautiful cover.

Images Courtesy : Souther Home Magazine

The Before

Set in a beautiful historic district in Roanoke, the house was built in 1914. The featured room was formerly a muted study.

“We knew we wanted this house to be classic but also full of color; very artistic but still inviting, approachable, and not at all pretentious,” says Duncan.

Images Courtesy : Southern Home Magazine

The After

The homeowners entertain both casually and formally, thus the round table is the perfect setting for bourbon tastings, impromptu take out or a holiday dinner."says Duncan.

"Apple green high gloss paint adorns the mill work. The earrings in the room are the fantastic brass cabinetry hardware by Modern Matter Hardware."