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What type of hardware are you looking for?

While renovating your present home, or designing one which has been newly bought, a million decisions need to be made. Everything from the colors and surface textures to flooring and light fixtures, need to be considered. At the end of the day, they must all coalesce aesthetically and harmoniously. Attention to detail is crucial – even the smallest features, if off-kilter, can stand out like a sore thumb.

Vanity Featuring Modern Matter Hardware - McCoy Pulls
Images Courtesy : Beth Meyer Design

Cabinet hardware is one such feature which can easily be overlooked, and may only be selected and installed much later. It is perhaps the most under-rated detail. However, picking the right hardware is important, since it has a bearing on the overall visual appeal of your interiors. Pairing the right knob with a pull or choosing the right knob with the perfect gemstone, takes time and needs to be an informed decision.

To the Left : Designer Beth Meyer kept all the vanity hardware consistent by installing the Mccoy pull both horizontal and vertical. 

McCoy Pull in Polished Brass


Eddie Ross Kitchen Design with Geometric Knobs & Bamboo Drop Pulls
Images Courtesy : Eddie Ross

Knob or Pull

First thing to consider is whether you would like to mix-and-match your knobs and pulls together, or whether you would like a ubiquitous all-pull or all-knob look. Bar-pulls and drop-pulls are easier to work with. Their angular shape is sturdier, and are ideal for vanity drawers, armoires, and hidden storage. The pulls’ polished, slender form, detailed by carved rings or intricate engravings (like our Aztec bar pull), can lend a regal air to the overall décor.

To the right - Due to the different size drawers, Eddie Ross incorporated both the Geometric Knobs and the Bamboo Drop Pulls. This gives an inviting look to a remodeled kitchen. 

Edgewood Geometric Knobs in Tortoise & Brass

When selecting hardware, the weight, decorative surface, as well as the hardware’s contour, are important things to consider.

Blue Cabinet with Benson Brass Backplate & Benson Gemstone Knob

Pink Cabinet with Neale Backplates & Lucite Geometric Knobs
Images Courtesy : @Laura_Palm_Beach

The Look

Is your space going to have a slick, contemporary persona or an old-world charm? If possible, it would be ideal to acquire a sample of the knobs and pull selections you are keen on, to see how they look in your kitchen, office space or elsewhere. Think about how the hardware feels in your hands. Do the pieces offer a good grip or feel harsh around the edges? Is their size, texture and shape suitable? Whether it is the smooth ball knob from our Cosmos Collection, the elegant bamboo pull or even the striking apothecary-pull that lends a vintage feel – there is a sprawling range of styles to choose from. The weight, decorative surface, as well as the hardware’s contour, are important things to consider.

To the Right - @Laura_palm_beach used the NEALE brass backplates to make a statement and paired them with coordinating lucite GEOMETRIC knobs.

Blue Bar Design Featuring Oliver Knobs in Brass with Lapis
Images Courtesy : Wyatt Design Group

The Finish and Size

Once the style is selected, the next step is to think about the hardware’s finish. Would it be in polished brass, brushed nickel, black matte, antique bronze or something else entirely? To help make your decision simpler, consider the color of your interiors, in particular your dressers, doors, chests and cabinetry. Usually, brass details complement interiors that carry warm colors, however, there is no hard-and-fast rule and you are free to experiment. Choosing the right size for your cabinet hardware might be a no-brainer, however, it’s still something people often tend to overlook. Always think in terms of proportions. If you need help determining the right size, we recommend consulting a Modern Matter representative.

To the Right : Wyatt Design Group installed the OLIVER knobs in two different sizes to account for the weight of the drawers and paneled ice maker.