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The powder room is your personal space to unwind. It’s your mini-pleasure room, which should be chic, functional, and exude a peaceful aura. From picking the right color palette to choosing tasteful interiors—every detail is important. While beautiful prints with intricate motifs can add layers to the setting, strategically introducing elegant accessories, knobs, pulls and handles to accent furniture and doors, can go a long way in transforming the space. We are here to help you beautify your bathroom with Modern Matter’s unique handcrafted collection.

Images Courtesy : Hallie Henley Design, Photography : Jack Thompson

Backplates are perhaps the most under-rated bathroom element, but if used intelligently, they can offer a sense of symmetry, style and balance. For instance, the featured bathroom gives an art deco vibe, and is anchored in a color spectrum of powder pink and gold, with muted brass fixtures and honeycomb-design flooring. For the cabinetry, Texas-based interior designer Hallie Henley Sims, known to conjure stirring and sophisticated settings, teamed the Benson brass knob with a solid brass backplate that carries the classic Chinese Chippendale pattern. Here, the backplate has been used to mirror the design features in the bathroom. She says, “The cabinet hardware added the perfect punctuation to the bathroom, and I love how the design of the backplate speaks to the pattern of the geometric wallpaper and floor tile!”

In similar vein, the sky-blue vanity created by designer Kate Hutchison, spotlights a four-petal Jones backplate accompanied by a Benson knob. The delicate flower motif is echoed on the textured flooring, while the complementing colors of grey and cream lend an overall calming, meditative quality to the space. “The Jones backplate was really the starting point for the rest of the selections in here,” admits Hutchison. “I designed the cabinetry with single doors and uniform drawer heights to highlight the hardware's proportions, and the custom tile pattern was loosely based on the backplate's shape.”

Images Courtesy : Kate H Design, Photography : Annie Jernigan

“The Jones backplate was really the starting point for the rest of the selections in here.”

Jewel-like details in the bathroom can also provide a certain charm to drawers, built-ins and vanities. The Mayan drop pull set, for instance, has regal, ornamental appeal, which goes extremely well with statement mirrors and minimalist backdrops. However, if you choose to embrace eccentric wall prints, you may want to pick vanity knobs that are accented with gemstones, to add to the drama to the décor. 

Images Courtesy: Swell Decor, Photography: Laura Sumrak
Images Courtesy: Hannah Ozburn

For instance, designer Hannah Ozburn, who is known for her fearless, yet beautifully executed patterns, chose to blanket this bathroom’s walls with a floor-to-ceiling print of candy-hued vines. The ivory colored vanity is playfully dotted by Gibson knobs (finished in polished brass), where the globe-shaped lapis accentuate the indigo color on the walls. Each gemstone is painstakingly hand-cut and hand-polished, and the knobs (part of our Jaipur Collection), can be customized to suit the aesthetics of your bathroom’s interiors.

If geometric shapes are the need of the hour, look no further. Nikki Pulver who owns Shake Interiors, a boutique renovation and design studio, used the classic octagon-edged Harrison knob embedded with iridescent rose quartz to lend a pop of color to her baby blue vanity with inset drawers and marble sink. “The bathroom designed in the midst of the global pandemic and every room in the house has clear, ebullient colors to combat the general malaise outside its walls,” says Pulver. 

Images Courtesy: Shaker Interiors


“The cabinet hardware added the perfect punctuation to the bathroom.”

The Harrison knob is available with a gorgeous selection of stones, including amazonite, moonstone, Dalmatian jasper and malachite. Or, you could opt for the chic Middleton Pull, whose slender translucent bar comes with solid, hexagon-shaped brass fixtures. Its neat, yet sophisticated aesthetic will accentuate the look of any vanity or floating drawers.

Images Courtesy : Tamara Day for HGTV

From minimalist pieces to glamourous ones, each hardware design is timeless and tasteful. These handcrafted knobs and pulls can seamlessly integrate with your contemporary interiors—from your bathroom to your living room—giving your home the picture-perfect charm.