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Dallas based designer, Doniphan Moore is known for his luxuriously layered interiors that are meticulously detailed and reflective of each individual's lifestyle. We wanted to hear all about his recent vision for the master bathroom and dressing suites at the Kips Bay Showhouse in Dallas. Read below as he shares the secrets behind the lavish spaces and watch it here on instalive.   

Images Courtesy : @doniphanmoore

Q : You were assigned the Master Bath and Dressing Suites at the Dallas Showhouse. Where did your vision start?

I started with the Dressing Suite- I drew inspiration from all of the beautiful women in my life. I knew I wanted it to be very luxe. I wanted to create a jewel box dressing room that compels the person to linger in the space and enjoy the ritual of getting dressed and bathing. When it came time to the details, I called on my mom and sister to help me. I curated a collection of shoes from them for this space. I also have a friend Zoe who has some of the best taste of anyone, and I called her and said I need something a little bit naughty and something a little bit sweet. She sent me a bustier and then a little ruffle dress. I am very inspired by fashion and wanted it to feel very couture.


Images Courtesy : @doniphanmoore

Q : Everything feels very luxurious, I could hang out here all day.

I don’t ever get dressed to go anywhere without a drink in hand and if I had this closet I don’t think I would ever leave. The wallpaper is so cool it’s a pewter finish and it changes all day long. It feels more warm in the morning and more cool in the evening. I helped design the wallpaper with de Gournay. It felt good to be able to pull together so many different vendors for the space and to have them believe in me and in my ability to showcase their products in a beautiful way.


Images Courtesy : @doniphanmoore

Q: You had a lot of drawers and cabinets, how did you create a cohesive look with your hardware choices?

I wanted to show people in the space how they can mix metals and materials. I needed some longer pulls so I selected “the falcon” bar pull. I love the handle on these falcon pulls; they feel so handmade. They have texture but are very smooth. They just feel good in your hands and that’s so important with hardware. What’s great about your hardware is that you can mix and match so much. I was able to use gemstone knobs in places to create a luxurious feel and solid brass in other places where I needed something more substantial.



Images Courtesy : @houseofnomad

Q: Any expert tips or tricks you can tell us?

I was told a while ago that you’re never supposed to forget the fifth wall, which is the ceiling, so I kept that in mind while designing.


Q: Are you a collector of anything?

I am a collector but I also love an edited space that’s thoughtfully paired down. I love stuff but have learned overtime that I don’t love to live with a lot of stuff. I’ve had to focus my interest so that you don’t end up with a lot of stuff that doesn’t look good together. I tell people when they start designing their home to pick something they love and start collecting that. I collect Rosary beads. I’m a methodist and my spiritual journey is very important to me. Rosary beads symbolize something that is beautiful and representative of my faith.