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Edgewood Elliptical Knob

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  • IconHandmade
  • IconSolid Brass
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1.40" L x 0.7" W x 1.20"Projection.


Discover the Glamorous Edgewood Elliptical Cabinet Knob

Our Edgewood Elliptical cabinet knobs combine Art Deco charm with old Hollywood glam and are perfect for cabinets and furniture that require smaller hardware. Order yours today. 


Designed in collaboration with famed home designer Eddie Ross, our contemporary cabinet knobs will stand out in any space. They feature:

  • Two color options

  • Brass hardware

  • 1.40" L x 0.7" W x 1.20" projection

  • Durable construction 

  • Timeless elegance

An Excellent Choice for Any Room or Piece 

These modern cabinet knobs are just the right size for kitchen cabinet knobs, bathroom cabinet knobs, vintage furniture, and more. Their deceptively simple design and neutral colors make them versatile enough to work with many styles. However, their subtle sheen and sparkle add a pop of visual interest to any piece. Add them to refinished furniture or brand-new cabinets, and watch in awe as they make any room more sophisticated and cohesive. 

Designed to Stand on Their Own or With a Backplate

While these brass cabinet knobs look great on their own, they also pair well with one of our beautiful backplates. At Modern Matter, we carry an extensive collection of brass backplates in every shape and size. This allows you to frame and highlight your cabinet knobs and pulls. We can help you find a backplate that complements our Edgewood Elliptical Knobs. 

Explore the Rest of the Edgewood Collection

These beautiful cabinet knobs may be the piece de resistance of the Edgewood Collection. However, this collection offers a great selection of cabinet knobs and pulls. This collection even includes appliance pulls for all your wood-faced appliances. 

Add These Chic Cabinet Knobs to Your Design

If you are looking for a cabinet knob that embodies a timeless yet elegant design, you will love Edgewood Elliptical Cabinet Knob. Order yours today. 

Care guide

We advise that all our products are cleaned with warm mild soapy water. To do this, get the product wet enough to clean the surface, then wipe with a clean wet cloth and dry thoroughly.  Please use non-abrasive lint-free or microfiber cloth that won't scratch the surface. You should also regularly dust the product with a soft cloth.  The occasional use of a good quality wax polish will also help to seal and chips and scratches in the brass products. Designs with gemstone and lucite can also be cleaned with warm mild soapy water.