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Horne 1.89" Custom Knob - Polished Brass

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  • IconHandmade
  • IconSolid Brass
  • IconNatural Gemstones
Size - 1.89"
Gemstone -
Dalmatian Jasper
Rose Quartz
Tigers Eye
White Quartz
Finish - Polished Brass
Horne 1.89" Custom Knob - Polished Brass
Horne 1.89" Custom Knob - Polished Nickel
Horne 1.89" Custom Knob - Burnished Brass


1.89" L x 1.89" W x 1.10"Projection.


Part of our Jaipur Collection, The Horne Knob is a classic square shaped knob. While the square is a balanced and strong shape, it is complemented by a cushioned gemstone which provides softness. This design can be customized using semi-precious gemstones and is versatile to be used in any design theme. Available in two sizes, the Horne Knob is mostly paired with the Lane Knob and added to backplates to provide an additional layer of luxury. 

Care guide

We advise that all our products are cleaned with warm mild soapy water. To do this, get the product wet enough to clean the surface, then wipe with a clean wet cloth and dry thoroughly.  Please use non-abrasive lint-free or microfiber cloth that won't scratch the surface. You should also regularly dust the product with a soft cloth.  The occasional use of a good quality wax polish will also help to seal and chips and scratches in the brass products. Designs with gemstone and lucite can also be cleaned with warm mild soapy water.