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It's Barbie's World

A Tasteful Guide to Barbiecore Dreamhouse

Barbie pink girls bathroom with flower knob


Life in plastic, can be fantastic—especially if you add a splash of pretty pink! Bathrooms and powder rooms are the perfect safe space to incorporate the hue by adding bold wallpaper or soft shades to the walls or vanity.


From pink Smeg appliances to charming pastel shades in the cabinets or backsplashes, you can capture the essence of iconic Barbie style in the kitchen too.

Living Areas

The iconic Barbie pink couch is not the only way to incorporate #barbiecore into the living areas. You can mix pink hues through decorative pieces like pillows, furniture, art, and rugs (perfect timing to get that Barbie x Ruggable rug).

Home Bars

Come on, Barbie, let's go party! Add some Barbie flair to your home bar with pink glassware (another perfect time to get the Barbie x Dragon glassware), or by drenching your cabinets in hot pink.